Payment methods


We accept the following payment methods.


Payment by Money transfer

You will automatically receive an e-mail with the total amount of your order and our account number when completing the order. When the payment is registered on our account we ship the goods as soon as possible (according to the availability of goods).


Payment per PayPal

You deposit Your payment data only once at registration and later on You pay only with your e-mail address and your password. It is a digital wallet. With every purchase, you can choose whether you want to pay with your bank account or your credit card. PayPal makes it especially safe because you don't need to enter any bank information while shopping. Please note that we charge a surcharge of 1.9% to the total bill (PayPal fee) if you pay by PayPal. We give the PayPal processing fees directly to our customers.


Payment per BILLSAFE Invoice

Pay on invoice is offered over the service provider "Bill Safe" (a company of PayPal group). Billsafe takes over the invoice, so please, do not pay directly to us, but to Billsafe. The account data from Billsafe can be found on the invoice sent to you via mail after ordering process. There are no transaction-related waiting times. When You pay with Billsafe we send the ordered goods usually on the same day your have ordered (order before 15.00 o'clock).

How BillSafe works? Video »

Please note that Billsafe charge on invoice a 3.99% fee. We give the charges directly to our customers.